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Hardwood & Linoleum Cleaning in Virginia Beach

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The character and elegance of a hardwood floor makes it a favorite among homeowners and businesses alike; the way you treat that floor is important. Wood is a natural and beautiful option for your design and decorating choices. Consistent and correct maintenance will insure it remains that way. Wood Floors are a long term investment with the proper maintenance and cleaning you will enjoy a lifetime of beauty. Routine maintenance should include protecting the surface finish from moisture and heavy wear which creates scratches. This maintenance requires more than sweeping and vacuuming.

Your floors require periodic cleaning with a professional wood floor cleaning product recommended by a wood flooring professional.  We know about manufacturer requirements of your particular hardwood floor product.  Our professional service can ensure any warranty or guarantee on the product.

Wood floors are subject to damage and early wear due to the day to day grit, food, spills, and water.  Preventive maintenance like area rugs, NJoor protectors (on ALL furniture on your wood floors), and routine maintenance with proper hardwood floor cleaner should always be exercised (improper products can contribute to additional wear, may VOID your warranty, and cause failure when recoating).

Not all wood floors are the same.  The wood treatment determines the proper cleaning requirements. Penetrating-seal-treated and oil-treated floors are floors with a penetrating seal or oil finish that soaks into the wood grain and hardens. This type of floor must be pampered and protected with liquid or paste wax.

Although surface finishes such as lacquers, varnishes and shellacs are not as resistant to moisture, spills and wear as the other sealants these floors equally require proper treatment.

Not sure what kind of finish you have? No problem. Recovery Carpet Cleaning knows. We will properly clean your hardwood floors to ensure long lasting beauty.  You can rest assured your floors will look great with our cleaning process.

We can also repair damaged areas and nail holes, filling the areas so your older wood floors will look like new again. We then clean the floors using commercial floor machines, wood floor cleaner and scrubbing wood floor pads creating more surface area in the existing finish to promote bonding of wood finish.

Linoleum & Vinyl Floor Cleaning in Virginia Beach

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Vinyl and linoleum floors are cleaned, stripped and waxed like new.

Our process restores the look of vinyl and linoleum quickly and effectively.

Residential and commercial vinyl floors can be transformed with our cleaning.







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