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Carpet Repair & Restretch in Virginia Beach

Some carpets may wrinkle over a period of time. Poor installation, humidity, or a backing that has lost it's strength can all cause carpet to wrinkle. All of these situations can be corrected by having one of our qualified carpet technicians restretch the carpet.

We can repair holes, burns, and tears by replacing the damaged area with a matching piece of carpet, usually taken from a closet area. The closet carpet can then be replaced with a matching piece of carpet remnant found at a carpet distributor. When seams begin to look bad or come apart, they can easily be re-made. Our talented and hardworking staff can't wait to get to work making your carpets look young again. We can find a way to solve your carpeting problems. Don't fret - expert help is just a phone call away!


Cost Savings

Don't waste your time by having just anyone take care of your carpet cleaning and repair needs. We do the job right the first time, and that saves you money.

Proper cleaning, maintenence, and repair of your existing carpet can keep everything looking better, longer. That extends the life of your carpet and costs less over time.

Selling Your Home?

Selling your home! Need some repairs done? Let us at Recovery Carpet Cleaning be your one stop shop for carpet repair needs.

Get the most value for your money

Recovery Carpet Cleaning will do the job better than anyone else, the first time. Don't be disappointed with your carpet cleaners, call us instead.

The highest quality carpet repair service in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas!

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